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Willard Custom Carpets, with her sales department based in Laren-Holland is working as a well known hand-tuft carpetmanufacturer.

We mainly concentrate in “Hand-tufted Carpets” in various types of materials such as: 100%wool, silk, viscose, nylon, the acrylic, linen, bamboo and etc. 

For more than 137years of our experience in manufacturing carpets, we have been awarded by many well known projects worldwide

With our complete manufacturing facilities, such as our own dyeing house, our design team, the graphic and floor calculation facility and all related facilities required for the production work we can assist the client create the design, or adjust the client’s interior design to meet the required dimension and site.

With our complete facility, everything is controllable to make sure that it will meet the client’s satisfaction.

That’s why our carpets have been awarded in many prestigious projects like many Royal Palaces in Holland, Europe and Middle East as well as worldwide wellknown Yachts, Casino's, Luxury Hotels, CEO office's, Government houses or even on private airplanes.























































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